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Friday, September 12, 2008

ABC stages of product development now in line with websites.

You don’t sell any products or services remember that. You SOLVE peoples problems, when was the last time you sold something that didn’t help the client solve a problem? Probably the last time you saw that guy right?


A business website should enact the same mentality. People can figure out what you sell later, focus on what problems you solve and who you solve them for. The ABC model of products hasn’t quite reached online markets yet, but we are close. When websites first were available for businesses, the biggest businesses jumped on board first, they were expensive and didn’t really help with sales, but they were new and marketing and sales departments just knew they had to have them. 


That was the A level of the web design industry. Companies were able to charge tens of thousands of dollars for a basic website and their clients were eager to get it started. Once the industry died down a bit, because a lack of consumer confidence, web marketers knew they had to rethink their approach.


Businesses were under the impression that if they created a website their sales would skyrocket and they wouldn’t have to rent a location anymore and everyone was going to be driving beamers and everything was going to be peachy. But people just set up their sites, didn’t test or tune them much, and just tried to sell products instead of demonstrating why people should buy. Then they got mad when their web designer didn’t know why the website didn’t pay for itself even.


All in all a website is a marketing piece, but it is unlimited. You can have videos, audio, every product and news about every manager in your company within the site. Try getting a video in next weeks Business Journal. You can use all those different types of media throughout your site and then back and forth on different media hosting websites. Think Youtube.


In today’s world your website shouldn’t be viewed an online brochure, or that’s all it will be. It’s an online market. It’s your store online. If someone walks into your store you don’t give them the same spiel you gave the last 500 people you talked to (went to your site). You’re supposed to ask them questions to figure out what types of solutions you can provide right? We can show you how. It is the same issue that millions of websites are suffering from, and I bet your competitors are too. They’re wondering why people don’t find their site, why they’re on the 50th page of Google, and especially why their online sales are in the dumps. It’s simple because your website only sells and doesn’t solve. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dwindling Economy, Rising Gas Prices and Increasing Online Sales

There's a lot going on really fast with the economy, different markets are crashing, some are just budding, gas prices are crazy, and in store sales are declining.

This is no good, the only thing thats growing lately other than the foreclosure rate is online sales. Many retailers like Gap "had an 11% decline in same-store sales in the first quarter, but a 21% increase in online sales" (Rosenbloom- Union Tribune July 2008). There are other good trends that show that online sales are on track to increase in the double digits this year. This has to do greatly because of the rising gas prices, people would rather stay at home and shop than go to two or even three different malls to visit all the shops they frequent.

At Mitraflo Flash Productions we are striving to make sure our customer can get online fast and have a fair fight against the big boys. We've recently added 3 computer engineers to our team, as well as an apprentice graphic designer and another salesman. I've recently stepped down from making the sites to simply managing the different projects we've been acquiring. Since I have experience managing a website launch which today brings in over 20K in profit, I felt that our customers could get more for their money if I was directly working on the project and not the technical details of the operation.

We're starting our marketing campaign and have had some very good responses from local businesses. We recently added our technology training as part of our list of services because I noticed a waste of time in almost every office I entered. People could get a lot more done if they just knew how.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Video Testimonials Done Right

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I’ll admit it I was wrong. I wanted my customers to create video testimonials for their websites so we could show the world some happy customers. But I made the same fatal mistake that every salesperson, marketing crew, and company makes in their quest to serve the customer. I made it all about the company and how great it is instead of focusing on the customer. Our method was simple at first; have a bunch of your different types of customers talk on camera for a minute or two about how great your products/services are. We had only half the formula, if that.

The main focus of these testimonials should have been to overcome objections. These objections stem from a couple different reasons.

• you didn’t establish enough rapport
• you didn’t listen to the customers real problems
• they don’t have the money (doesn’t know about your credit terms)
• wants to shop around
• already has a supplier they like
• no confidence in you/your company

Billions of dollars have been lost in commissions and profits for these couple of reasons. There are more but these are some main reasons that occur over and over again. If you let them kill the sale every time, then you’re not doing a very good job selling are you? It’s not too late we can still fix this.

Here’s the solution: an arsenal of video testimonials with happy customers praising your product with questions and answers that revolve around common objections. That way when your customer tells you “I already do business with CompetCo.” You can say “Oh yea a lot of our customers used to do business with them, look here is a video of Karen one of our best customers from AttractCo she actually switched over from them because (X. Y and Z) look. Play the video: Happy customer who had a problem you could solve better than CompetCo, kill the objection and close the sale.

Some questions you could ask customers in your video testimonials include:
• You shopped around with different companies and finally settled with us why is that?
• You thought we were a high priced option for your business, but after you shopped around what did you find?
• You’ve been (doing business) with our company for 6 months why?
• How do you feel about our company?
• Shortly after doing business with us you referred your (brother-in-law) so we could help him in the same way we helped you what did he say about our services?

These questions go way beyond the classical, “now why did you buy the blue one?” Sort of testimonial your customers are used to seeing. They’ll close many more sales if you use them to your advantage. Any questions email us @ mitraflo@gmail.com or visit Mitraflo Flash Productions for more info.

Monday, June 2, 2008

5 Things you have to do for your customers on your Website

There are many fades that come and go in online markets, some of these pointers are new and some should be obvious, but they will all help get the right type of customers the different solutions you provide in a very simple and inviting way to make your customers happy. Simplicity and usability is everything. Take these tips and make them your own, your customers will thank you later.

1. Separate your customers into categories.

2. Do Your Homework

3. Talk to your customers

4. Make your phone number available and obvious

5. Keep them updated

Separate your customers into categories.

The best thing you can do for your buyers is separate information for them. Make it easy for them to find information that is significant to them and that solves their problems. The first page should act like a hub to sort out your customers and point them in directions that gives them information they care about. Different buyer’s different needs. Too many websites assume that only one type of buyer visits the site, you need to realize you have different types of customers and they need different info. This way you’ll answer questions they have and give them information to consider that they probably never thought of. You’ll look like a pro before you even start selling. That’s building rapport.

Do Your Homework

You’re supposed to be the expert in your industry you can put yourself above 90% of your competitors by reading in your industry every day. Your customers will thank you. In addition to that, you need to figure out where your customers are looking for answers and asking questions online. You will see the same sort of problems come up for your different buyer types and you can solve them. Whether they buy from you or not your name and website link will be there forever, for everyone that has that problem and people will start to ask for your help. But you need to put yourself out there for your potential customers. There are people online right now asking for solutions you provide, you are an expert of your industry, and it is your duty to help people in need.

Talk to your Customers

Your potential buyers are online right now looking for answers to their problems. Most of the time their questions are answered by complete strangers who often know less about the situation and even less about possible solutions to the inquirers problem than you or most people in your company. This is your industry and you should be the one people turn to for answers. If you aren’t participating in blogs you should have a forum on your website so people can discuss events and problems that affect your industry. People are online discussing problems your product or services solve and you are in the dark waiting for somebody to call you. Get yourself out there.

Make your phone number available and obvious

Too many companies hide behind there websites and it seems they don’t want to speak to their customers. There are many potential buyers who want to speak to a live human being who can more readily answer their questions. And there are many other people who still don’t trust doing business with a machine. Put your phone number in obvious places like at the top of each page, the bottom, and even in the title bar of your site. You wouldn’t believe how much more business your website will generate by making your phone number easily available.

Keep your customers updated

Being that we are in the information age and things change so rapidly there’s no way that your customers can keep up to date with what’s happening with your industry. Keep in mind that they do business in at least five to ten different industries. And it is up to you to communicate nuances in your field. This will not only help your customers stay loyal to you but by updating the content on your site, or blog with information that deals with your industry and company, the search engines will scan your site more often and give you a higher ranking according to their algorithms.

All this info here is for your customers, but by keeping new content that is valuable in that it solves your potential buyers problems you will generate links and rank higher in search engines. Use keywords in your posts and websites that people use in your industry. Simplicity and clear language will get you noticed. Content is king, so do your homework and get the best information that will solve your customers’ problems onto your site.